Terms and Conditions


  • You: Any person or body reading, visiting and browsing this Website and or interacting within this Website;
  • Usage: means the act of accessing to this Website and browsing, reading, interacting with any type of content within this Website;
  • Content: refers to any type of information provided through text, audio, video, images, tools, templates, contact forms, instant messaging and any other type of content;
  • Visitor: Any person or body who interacts with any type of Content;
  • Customer: Any person or body who has established and signed a formal agreement with OpenMinds and its ownership for the service request in the agreement;
  • Template: means any document developed that includes guidelines with the only scope to advise customers on the best practices to follow. 
  • Tools: means any element of a computer program that activates and controls a particular function. 


Group Website Terms

  • Any person or body who accesses, reads, browses and/or interacts with Us through this Website for quote request, knowing more about our services, making payment and/or clicking "I Agree" or simply "Agree" and/or "I Accept" or simply "Accept", means that you have carefully read, understood, agreed and bound to this Terms and Conditions, Website Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. In the case you do not agree to Our Terms and Conditions, Website Disclaimer and Privacy Policy even by clicking on the sign "x" of pop-ups or windows by clicking on "I do not Accept" or simply "Not Accept" or "I do not Agree" or simply "Not Agree", You must cease the Usage of this Website and its associated services and products immediately;
  • This Website is provided and operated by OpenMinds and its ownership. The domain is provided by GoDaddy Operating Company LLC. The access and use of this Website contents and any related products and services are provided by OpenMinds
    • Using any of our Website contents, brand, logo and even name to send unsolicited emails; or
    • Using our Website to send misleading quotes requests, partnerships, affiliations or for marketing purpose aiming at making some personal financial advantage. or
    • Doing anything that affects people legal rights and privacy; or
    • Do any sort of code manipulation to Website with the scope to willingly transmit viruses or other unethical and dangerous tools such as trojan horses,  or programming routine which interfere with this Website, endangering Visitors' and Clients' privacy and data; or
    • Helping and facilitating third parties to perform any of the above mentioned despicable acts.  


General Terms

  1. Accessing, using, interacting with this Website does not entail that You become a client;
  2. The information on Our Website is general information and the content are not comprehensive. Our Content is part of the common vocabulary utilised in the consulting industry and have not been designed for any specific sector or industry. Our Content is not tailored for a specific scope, objective and/or particular industry need. Therefore, OpenMinds does not accept any responsibility and liability for any loss and damage caused by the use of any content within this Website; 
  3. OpenMinds has a consulting nature therefore it does not implement products and/or services on behalf of Clients but only provide guidance to Clients to find the best solutions to their business. Clients are the only responsible when implementing any services or products suggests by Us. OpenMinds and its Ownership does not accept any responsibility and liability for the choice made by Clients.;
  4. Suggestions and advice provided by us are for information purpose only. OpenMinds is by no way liable for the suggestions provided to Clients; 
  5. Templates do not provide an action plan but just general information and advice on how to generate high-quality documentation. Customers are the only ones responsible for the contents implemented by themselves and cannot consider OpenMinds and its owners liable for any loss and damage;
  6. For any tools developed, OpenMinds and its owners do not accept any responsibility and liability for any loss and damage due to the data entry, manipulation and poorly usage by any person or body external to AOpenMinds;
  7. OpenMinds  relies on this Website for a quote request or an invitation to tender by completing the form on the "Contact Us" page or by submitting a general request through the pop-up form of this Website;
  8. Visitors have to fill all the mandatory fields of the form with a sufficient description of the service requested to get a response to tender by Us;
  9. Submitting a quote request does not form any Business to Business or Business to Client relationship;
  10. OpenMinds reserves its rights to decline any quote request or invitation to tender without providing further explanations; 
  11. The Business to Business or Business to Client relationship is to be considered as established only when both parties sign an official business agreement which includes details of the services provided by Us with agreed timeframe and budget to deliver;
  12. The Business relationship starts only when clients make the payment within this Website or via fund transfer to the OpenMinds bank account. Or the Client will be charged under billing terms defined in the business agreement.
  13. Any additional requests or changes to the original business agreement must undergo through form procurement by Us with additional charges to clients. 
  14. OpenMinds has the right to review and change these Terms and Conditions at any time at its sole discretion by updating this page. Therefore, the usage of this Website by any person or body is bound to this Terms and Conditions and any changes implemented by Us which will take effect immediately from the publication date. In the case You do not agree to any changes, You must cease the Usage of this Website and its associated services and products immediately;
  15. We do not provide any warranties about content accuracy and in full. Furthermore, we do not provide any warranties about any content to be free from viruses or errors;
  16. We Do not provide any warranties that our Website is secure and complies with IT security standards.
  17. We reserve the rights to make this Website offline at any time at our sole discretion for maintenance purpose or any other reason;
  18. We reserve the rights to discontinue this Website at any time at our sole discretion for any reasons without providing any notice in advance. 


Behavioural Terms  

You must be respectful of this Website and its contents and you must not do anything prohibited by law or considered inappropriate to our Website, its contents and OpenMinds and its ownership. We consider an inappropriate behaviour the following: